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9 cents a day... "geek-speak"

xNotes is a subscription email list ($30 per year) devoted to helping readers get answers to questions about both digital photography and the Macintosh. Readers send to, and get emails from the list, so that other opinions and answers, besides those from Mr. Valleau help provide a rich experience. In short, it's just like sharing email with a large group of friends; every email goes to the whole list, so everyone can contribute.

And, there's no "geek-speak" - that techno-babble that leaves your head spinning. (Of course, if you want geeky, I can do that too.)

As to your moderator:

Mr. Valleau began work with Apple computers in 1978, and has been a photographer for over 50 years.

As a certified Mac consultant, he wrote "Mac Hot Tips" for Mac Home Journal magazine. He was the author of the popular "techNotes" and "techX" newsletters, and continues to provide Mac support in the Monterey area.

As a photographer, his works are in private collections and on display at the prestigious Center for Photographic Art, in Carmel, CA. He has taught photography at the graduate level at AAU. His photo website is

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